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What's Your Design Personality?

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on November 03 2021

So many clients tell me that they have "no style" no "design sense" and absolutely "no idea where to start".  Yes, I understand that some of us are better at design than others, I do believe that there is a design personality in us all; and for many us we have more than one personality.  I always say, keep it simple and do what makes you happiest.

Some of us have inherited style.  Maybe you loved your grandmother or mom so much that you designed your home much like them...  maybe you feel like you have to be traditional, modern, etc because that is how the home was designed  when you were being raised.  Maybe you once loved one style, but now your tastes have changed....  that's ok too!  Go for it and have fun!

I did a quick quiz on my Instagram and emailer today.  I took a blue velvet loveseat (albeit mid mod to begin with) and added a different pillow(s) to the same sofa without changing anything else in the frame.  I asked for a gut reaction to the pics.  Which image drew them in the most?  Then, depending on the image, there was a design personality attached.  

My home is very angular and boxy (my least favorite house design style to be honest) and so I lend myself to the design of the house.  I may favor clean, light and beachy designs, but I find adding some fun layers to my home works best; without my house would beg for personality.  I am also one to mix designs, textures & colors.  And, I've changed a lot over the years.  We bought our first home almost twenty years ago when I was 25 as a wife for a little over a year.  Now, on our second home at 44 years old with two teenagers and quite a bit more space than the first home, I find I can add for more depth with colors and accessories.  Truth be told our first house was more "me" than this house.  A beachy cottage speaks to my soul and I know one day I will return to that; just will return without two kids and a dog! *our first house was just about 900 square feet; no basement or garage~ we did put on a very small addition a few years in that brought the total to just over 1000 square feet! Still the cutest house ever.

Anyway, if you are up for a quiz and need some guidance, go to my social page and see how simple it can be.  In the meantime, go to any boutique (furniture, clothing, etc) and see what designs grab you most. Are you simple and clean, boho, southwestern, classic, modern or maybe a combo of all?!