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Simple Sunday Meal Prep

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on November 13 2022

I call myself “BoutiqueMama” for a reason. Although shopkeeper is my occupation~ I wear several other hats like most of us. My most important and favorite job has been to be a mom, but as my sons grow and fly the coop, my husband and I are feeling the very beginnings of an empty nest. And, we learned very early on in our marriage how priceless your health can be. 

I was always interested in a healthy lifestyle. I learned a lot about nutrition as a young girl due to some food allergies (not very common to diagnose in the late 1980’s) but, I was fortunate to have a nutritionist at about age 12 to help me navigate what foods were not for me. Since that age I have not had red meat or dairy. And once I started to feel so good, it was hard to not want to feel that way all the time. Believe me~ I’m a total foodie. And I love all the things… French Fries may top the list. I quickly found out that beer, chicken fingers and fries were not to be had everyday (hello freshman 15!) but, there are so many healthy alternatives to your fave meals~ a much later introduction to the sweet potato would change my world. & don’t get me started on what my husband can do with an air fryer! 

In my house we keep it very simple. We eat whole unprocessed foods as much as possible. My husband cooks & we limit take out to once a week (usually vegan pizza from Michael’s in Avon, followed by vegan ice cream next door at Courtney’s). This week is egg/cheese muffins for my son for a quick protein in the morning that he will add fruit and toast or waffles to~ banana/Peanutbutter/protein overnight oats with chai for hubs and I~ and justin is whipping up a turkey veggie and chicken sausage chili for a couple dinners… simple~ quick~ healthy and ready for the grab on the go. Pictured is my go to breakfast for mornings I’m home. Two eggs, spinach, and artisan toast.  This meal I have often but switch out the carbohydrates between toast, sweet potatoes or oats.

Lastly~ I just want to point out that it’s so nice to set your table… even if for just one~ and just a simple breakfast. I set the table for myself often as a reminder to sit and enjoy the food I’m so grateful to have in my home. Im going to share photos on social for this weeks quick meal prep and will be doing a feature on setting a table for one~two~ four or more.

xoxo~ Kacey