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Design On A Dime

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on March 11 2021

The sun is shining; the days are longer; the weather is losing that nip & everything seems brighter and happier.... well, except maybe for your house that has held way too many "at home" family members, living, eating, working and schooling.  You've done your best to keep up with the cleaning and tidying but with so many people around literally messing up what you just fixed up it is not unlikely that your home may seem in serious need of a pick me up.  

Your once cute laundry room now looks like a bomb went off; detergent drips left and right, towels lining the floor and left over snow gear still laid out to dry....  from TWO WEEKS AGO!  Your once gleaming hardwood floors are dulled and nicked and lacking in beauty...  please don't even get me started on the bathrooms!  But here is the big question, having lived through an entire year of a global pandemic, do you have the funds to renovate, refresh or retire pieces and buy new? My guess is no you do not.  So here are some tips on how to get your home Spring ready without breaking the bank:

1. Here is a free or low cost way to get your home in shape: CLEAN, or hire someone to come in and give your home a proper scrubbing.  I re-invested in a twice monthly cleaning service and its the best money I've spent in a long time. Even though I still feel that I clean better than anyone, I just couldn't keep up to my standards with everyone now home.  There is nothing better than a clean house (except for clean sheets maybe)

2. Add Plants! Either real or faux.  House plants or fresh flowers instantly improve the home.  Lately I've been adding faux plants which has saved me money and kept my bathrooms and kitchen looking cheerful, even if I am the only person who notices haha.  But I love to have fresh flowers and with Whole Foods, Trader Joes or any of our local florists offering amazing deals on fresh bunches there is no need to skip.  I usually can fill 3-4 vases under $15.  Look for greens to fill in with your favorite flowers to stretch that dollar even further.

3. Rugs!  My mom always laughs at the amount of rugs I move around in a year.  We carry Dash & Albert and with their pet and family friendly styles in amazing pallets and designs I can lay a rug down and not worry how my family is living.  My design tip? I tend to lay larger rugs  with 8X10's in my dining and living rooms and long runners in the kitchen and hallways in the Fall & Winter.  In the Spring I pull up all of my rugs, give my hardwoods a really good cleaning and lay smaller rugs like 4X6's in living rooms and kitchen I may switch to another runner or a 3X5.  I tend to leave my dining room and hallways clear of rugs and allow a more casual feel.  On the smaller rugs for Spring and Summer I usually gold for bold colors and stripes; Fall and Winter I often stick with more muted colors but a romantic pattern.

4.  Candles!!!  Change out all of your candles now.  Put away the dark colors or plain white and add pops of sherbet colored candles (even if you don't burn them haha...  my husband still doesn't understand why we can use certain things in the house )

5.  Baskets, Towels and Linens!  This may be my favorite budget friendly tip (except changing pillows but that is a little higher price point in my opinion)I am a SUCKER for new towels hanging over my sink!! We carry lines of Turkish towels that are so fabulous for napkins and kitchen towels that are as useful as they are pretty.  And baskets are such a fun way to lighten and brighten up any space.  My guess is if you attack your attic, storage closets or garage, you probably have some pretty baskets tucked away.  Bring them out and use as centerpieces or storage and enjoy the rustic beauty it adds to your space.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but if you want to spend just a little money I say paint.  A gallon of paint can go a long way!  And, after the year we just endured I am certain my master bath and laundry room will get a fresh coat.  Also, filling in your grout, adding new art (recycle what you have but add new frames) and, as a I noted above, pillows and slipcovers are a fantastic way to revamp your space.  Just like my rugs I also change out the pillows in my living room about twice a year.  I invest in nice pillows for main living room and often use indoor/outdoor pillows in the boys den (again, Dash & Albert has the best).

Most of all, have FUN and enjoy your home as much as possible.  None of us have perfect spaces and if we do they are not as lived in as we may want.  I've learned to embrace life with my husband, teenage sons and German Shepherd and often times just throw my arms up and say at least we have a home filled with love and laughter. xoxo



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