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Not All Tables Are The Same :)

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on October 11 2022

When it comes to your space most will agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Designs have changed to offer more open~ and possibly less formal dining areas. Some new construction or renovations forgo a formal dining room and offer an eat in kitchen/dining room often open to the living area as well. New times call for new tables! So which is right for you?

Maybe you purchased or currently reside in an older home (like me). Older homes often offer incredible bones but not open concept living. If your space is smaller you may want to go with a round table with a pedestal base. This shape gives you the opportunity to host more guests at your table while also taking up space just for a dining area. However~ depending on the shape of your room you may not have the depth to accommodate round. In this case….

A classic farmhouse works with almost any style and any space. What I love most about farm tables (besides the aesthetic) is that they are often more narrow in width; most dining table are 40”-42” wide and a farm table can be as narrow as 35”-35” without losing the length. And, if you chose a shaker style leg with a smaller apron you will have more comfortable seating.

Maybe space is not an issue for you. In this case choosing a solid dining table with a leaf~ or two~ may be what’s needed. Here you can play around with the bases and overall look. Then~ once a table is chosen~ you can decide on dining chairs. Dining chairs will keep your space casual or elevate to elegance. 

Keep in mind that changing your table top with linens and accessories will keep your space feeling new and fresh. I like to change seasonally with runner and folded rugs in fall/winter~ than becoming more bare and natural for spring and summer.  Whatever your vibe~ we have you need :)

xoxo~ Kacey