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The Sounds of Summer

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on May 19 2023

If you have been following me for a while you may know that I am an early bird… as early as they come. I never use an alarm and my body seems to wake between 4-415 am everyday. On the rare occasion I “sleep in” it may only be until about 6. There are two times of year I find best for sleeping~ the cusp of Fall~ and the middle of Spring. This is when the windows stay open with fresh air filtering throughout the home~ and the sounds of outside trickling in.

My mood and tone for my space changes with the tides, the seasons, the amount of people living home etc. (also the mom of college age and almost college aged children)  But the sounds of summer make me feel so clear and calm. Just like the ocean, she seems calmer as these months slowly roll in &  I feel peaceful and it reflects inside my home. This is the time (let’s be honest this happens weekly for me) when I purge and renew. I change pillows~ pull up rugs~ move around art (maybe add if possible) and change valences. I often find I want to change out my towels and linens at this time too. 

This is the perfect time to invest in a piece that brings the summer indoors. I tend to spend a lot of time outside so when I am in my home I love to have art & accessories that bring the outside in. These could be small investments & absolutely do not have the break the bank. Or maybe this is a time where you chose one special piece. I am blessed to have some original pieces and some beautiful prints by local artists. Supporting small businesses and local artist is my passion. We have some beautiful pieces and accessories that bring the cool air in and warm your hearts. As we embark on our 28th Memorial Day Weekend at Kate & Company I am honored to continue to source pieces that give you the feels they give me. 

xoxo~ Kacey