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Not a Punishment~ More Nourishment

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on September 25 2023

Some of us have been wired to believe that indulgences with food + alcohol are meant to be punished the following day (or if it’s was a wild weekend than that Monday). This should not be the case. Your mind + body should be celebrated, not tortured. This is why establishing habits is so important.

I’ve said it a million times~ but I am not a professional so this comes from a place of practice. That said~ I’m not a big drinker. If I drink every other month that would be a lot. Sure~ there are months with more events that others and I will admit that champagne makes me feel bubbly, but my lifestyle doesn’t have much room for alcohol. And when I do drink~ it’s seems my body has learned when to stop.

This weekend was a three day event. Coupled with birthdays + fancy attire + a couple nights away there were quite a few bubblies consumed. But~ because of my habits, my husband (on a similar journey) + I woke early to get some movement in and strength training. We somehow managed to stick to (albeit looser) fasting window + woke early the last day to get home~ get rest~ so we could get right back to it today. No punishment, more like excitement to replenish.

Last week was an absolute roller coaster. Unexpected health crisis for someone close to me coupled with the happiness felt just days later at my cousins wedding. Without my habits, these are the types of high + lows that could make my anxiety skyrocket but instead I chose to have faith + to be present for whatever each day brought me. Today~ it’s following a pattern that I know will cater to my mental: yoga, strength training, cardio, cooking + consuming healthy foods, lots of water, cleaning, checking in on loved ones, watching my son play in a big game, meditation, hot bath, early bedtime. Simple. 

Tomorrow is always a new day. It’s always an opportunity to try new things, to start something or to recommit. But as always, life is meant to be loved + to enjoy + if you miss those pockets of moments to dance + celebrate~ you will have missed the opportunity to experience. Experience something today. Chose yourself + be well.