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FALLing back in love with your home

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on September 14 2021

Some people look forward to Spring Cleaning (and believe me I live for cleaning anytime) but I feel the biggest itch to strip things down and clean house come the first signs of Fall.

Maybe its because I live in a beachy town that revs up in the summer months; or maybe its because my family of four can be found at home more in the summer than during any other time of the year making it more susceptible to daily deep cleans needed.  With two teenage sons, a very large pup and my husband and I running between the beach, pools, work, dog parks and sporting events its inevitable that the laundry piles up, the sand collects on the floor and the recycling doubles compared to other seasons.

Some of you have been to my home and I will admit I have rather high standards on what is clean and tidy versus what is not.  My skin crawls if beds are not made before leaving the house and my poor husband cannot get up from the couch for one minute before I've pulled off every cushion and throw pillows to fluff and reorganize.  So you can imagine it's not in my nature to go an island time often and let things just be sometimes; so when the school doors open and out everyone goes, I love to rearrange, re-organize, clean and accessorize to welcome the new months to come.

So how do you change your home up without breaking the bank?  Make sure put things away neatly from the year before so that you can pull out your "Fall" bin.  This is like Christmas day every year.  Problem is, this is not my strong suit and I often end up re-buying what I already have that has fallen victim to the attic haha.  This year we renovated some spaces in my home and I now have a great space to stay organized!  Anyway, add texture by changing the runner on your dining table and to adding throw rugs (I always pull up rugs in the summer and leave floors mostly bare).  Then pull out your accessories and place them throughout the home.  Add a fall scented candle or just bust out your crock pot and let the slow cooker permeate yummy scents in your space.  I also LOVE fresh flowers.  In the summer I clip hydrangea from my own garden, but in the fall and winter I love my trips to Trader Joes for full and colorful bunches with eucalyptus or berries.

These small changes will make your home feel new and fresh.  And, when all else fails open those windows and strip your beds for clean sheets!  The best way to make a home feel fresh in my opinion.  And, like I always say, you do you...  you want a million pumpkins all over go for it! xoxo~ Kacey