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Cycle Based Workouts~ My First Month

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on October 07 2023

If you go back to my blog post about ww + circadian rhythm fasting you will see that I began this journey without realizing what I was doing. Basically~ I was running out of my daily points around 530-6 so I just stopped eating… than I would have my first meal around 9-10; basically my eating window was during the daylight hours (circadian rhythm) or could be viewed as intermittent fasting. I was losing weight for the first time in decades, but everything else was better too… my sleep, my skin, my mood, my cycles, my energy level. 

A few months into this journey and feeling so good I can across Dr Amy Shah as a recommended podcast on Spotify. I love podcasts and tend to like whatever Spotify recommends. Dr. Shah (google her she is amazing + impressive) was discussing the benefits of fasting based around your cycles… + it hit me that this was exactly what I was doing. After listening to many more of her podcasts and reading her research I began a deep dive into basing not only fasting around your cycles, but your nutrition + your workouts too. I like to get situated in things before adding on so I decided to take a few months and just put into practice the fasting part… last month was when I thought I would pay attention to my workouts and base them around my cycle… this is what I found. *I have been working out all of my life so if you are just beginning please consult a professional

Day 1 (if your cycle) is your starting point… for some of us we may still be feeling the symptoms of the last week until day 3 so keep in mind everyone is different and this is a general review. For me day 1 starts mid to late day and day two tends to feel like day 1 if that makes sense. With that said this is the week estrogen is on the rise which should feel like magic. This is the week you can begin to up your workouts + extend your fasting window (say you do 12 hours up it to 14 this week). So week 1: I continued yoga daily and daily outdoor walks, but I added some HIIT training (boxing) and Interval training on my peloton. Adding bursts of effort with rest in between is best… you could do sprints this week if that’s what you’re into. The idea is that this is the week you should begin to eat + train like an athlete building to ovulation which occurs week two.

Week two is a great time to up your weights. I do not like heavy weights in general. I tend to do a lot of workouts that are high repetition but smaller in weights. However it was recommended to up the weights during this week… so I did. I did a few full body workouts and picked up some heavier weights (keep in mind I am building new habits here and fearful of injury so I used 8lbs + 10lbs you don’t have to be a hero just try) this is also the week that something is going on in your body (there is so much science I’m learning but such a beginner here) that prevents injury… so if you’ve ever noticed you are prone to injuries during last two weeks of the month you are not wrong.

Week three~ I loved week 3 if I’m being honest. I added some low impact workouts here. Think: Barre, Pilates, Power Yoga, Endurance Rides or Low Impact Rides + of course~ WALKING (my fave of them all). Now, low impact does not mean easy (I actually find these to be harder sometimes) but my word can these exercises sculpt and lift! Reminder I’m 46(!!) so if this old girl can change it up and see results you can too!!

Last week (luteal phase) this is when you give your body the grace and space it needs! Just walk or stretch or light yoga here. I did still spin twice during this week but I just had fun and took shorter rides and kept my ranges a bit lower than normal… in peloton terms don’t go for a PR this week. Also, you can go back to easing up on the fasting or don’t fast at all during this week. It’s become such a habit for me that I still did fast but def no more than 14-15 hours I’d say. 

My review: I CANNOT wait to put this into practice this month with more clarity + more focus. I also came across another expert Dr Mindy Pelz (Fast like a Girl) that has even more to add to this practice. Anyone reading this should know that I am at the stage where I’m nearly an empty nester + have a husband who is on board with this lifestyle and makes sure I have healthy meals prepared around my eating windows… I understand that not everyone has the time or resources to do “all the things” so to keep it simple… add a little xtra to week 1, add even more to week 2, pull back a little week 3 + chill out week 4. And also (I will say this over + over again) not a paid sponsor or a professional just sharing the GOOD STUFF ♥️ Hope this helps xoxo