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Is Your Design Style Actually Linked to Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans?

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on January 12 2021

Full Disclosure:  I am not a stylist, nor am I a fashionista.  I am, however, a huge lover of jeans.  I can honestly say that jeans are my uniform.  I wear them to work, to my sons' games, to parties, to lounging at home.  And, spoiler alert, I wear the same few pairs regardless.  So, a few years ago when I was trying to come up with content for an article I was submitting, I came to the conclusion that your style in your home, can often be reflected in the style of your jeans.

For example, some women feel most beautiful and put together when wearing an expensive pair of darker denim paired with a tailored blazer, crisp white shirt, and warm colored flats, boots, or pumps (I am also picturing gorgeous pearls in this image).  Well, perhaps your home should be more traditional, with designated rooms and spaces for purpose.  I see navies and whites, with possibly hints of burnt oranges, reds, or little shades of blue as your pallet.  Clean lines on both the arms of your upholstery and legs of your cocktail and dining tables with symmetrical accessories.

Are you more of the relaxed medium to light wash denim with comfy cable knit sweaters and a smart, sensible and classic shoe?  I see your style with also a navy backdrop with accents of cool colors.  Oversized and relaxed designs with compliments of cognac leathers and a mixed accessories look...  Larger lamp on one end table, flanked by a floor lamp; each piece looking unique and not matching but blended to perfection.

Maybe, you are drawn to a flared pair of denim topped with floral blouses and mixed jewelry...  then you are the girl who knows how to mix wall papers with white walls and has an incredible collection of house plants in beautiful baskets and pottery.  Someone who longs to bring the outside in.  I see lighter wood tones for you with mixes of colors that rely on nature. If your backdrop is the beach, you add cool blues; if you backdrop is the country than maybe soft yellows; or perhaps the mountains or open green spaces add greens and browns.  In nature the pallets are endless.

Lastly, the category I would put myself in the most, is the Jeans and Tee Shirt girl.  This is the one that can start with basics and add layers as needed.  Skinny ripped jeans with a white T to begin, than adding layers of jewelry, and outerwear as needed depending on the event.  This is the look that can trade sneakers for heels; diamonds for turquoise, and still feel just as comfortable.  This is the girl that starts with the basics (white sectional, driftwood dining table) and adds unexpected colors, textures and accessories.   Think oversized pillows and comfy throws in bold patterns and colors with subtle decor, or vice versa.  One room may be traditional, one bohemian but it all just works.  This (i.e. me) is the woman who changes her accessories seasonally and sometimes more often than that depending on  her mood.

So, the next time you believe you cannot design your room, just look at the outfit you chose to wear and use these guidelines to gain confidence.  Ask your sister, your mom or your best friend to describe your style and see if you can apply.  I always tell people, there are no rules when it comes to your home.  Make it feel right for you and create a space that you can enjoy. xoxo