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  • My 30 Day Personal Yoga Challenge

    Picture it~ running down the stairs with a big garbage bag to toss in bin… already going through a to do list and it’s not even 6am. I have a...

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  • Circadian Rhythm Fasting + WW

    Pitch black~ as it usually is when I’m putting on my workout clothes… early bird in every way… but on this particular morning I felt more swollen + uncomfortable than...

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    Circadian Rhythm Fasting + WW
  • Trendy or On Trend?

    Trendy or On Trend?

    I’m not one to be “trendy” however~ I do like to follow trends…. Does that make sense? To my Gemini brain it definitely does~ but I understand that not all...

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  • The Sounds of Summer

    If you have been following me for a while you may know that I am an early bird… as early as they come. I never use an alarm and my...

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    The Sounds of Summer
  • Transition In The Kitchen

    Transition In The Kitchen

    I will admit~ I am not the chef in my house. However~ I love good food and I am somewhat particular. This is one of those weeks where we may...

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