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Strip It Down for Spring And Summer

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on April 21 2021

Just like we remove layers of clothing and makeup as the season change in our favor towards warmer weather, so should our decor.  I feel like our homes should reflect our mood; our vibe; our energy. When the temps are cold and dark, I add layers of blankets to my sofas; I add layers of fabric to my dining table and decorative towels that drape over my stove and dishwasher.  And, if you've been following me for a little while, than you know I often add rugs and pillows wherever I can in the Fall and Winter.  But, come Spring, I begin the strip it down.

It often starts with an itch to start ripping apart my house to deep clean.  I find accessories I adored just weeks earlier to be a bother.  I wash and fold and put away throws and pillow cases and often feel like its Christmas in six moths later when I reopen those items (or sometime find my Gemini personality has moved on from last year).  Soon, I am left with a blank slate; bare floors and table tops and this is probably when my husband is happiest; the minimalist that he is.  Too bad for him though, because things do get added back, but in less quantity and in lighter textures like glass and cotton.  This is when I begin to decorate with natural elements.  I add baskets with fresh flowers or plants.  I put away some frames and heavier accessories and replace with glass vases.  I always leave my antique boards out on my island, dining table, and cocktail bench, but aside from a beautiful bowl, rattan hurricane or glass cake plate I keep it simple, clean and nearly bare.  And cotton towels are draped over just my sink.  Sometimes I drape a cotton Turkish Towel over my dining table for a pop of color. I pull up area rugs and enjoy the blank slate for the new season.

When looking at your space in these warmer months as the windows are opening and fresh air is coming through once again, consider your make up routine and how having tanner skin or bigger sunglasses eliminates the need for everyday makeup.  Or how simple tees with light cardigans begin to replace heavier layers of clothing,  your home is so much the same.  Heavy valences come down to expose a beautiful skies, longer days, and sheers replace what was once there.  Runners and rugs are replaced with clean bare floors that are much easier in sandy toes.  And kitchen islands and dining tables are cleared to make space for dining al fresco where as many meals can be taken outside as possible.  

So, what are some ideas to add to our now stripped back spaces?  Think white, think melamine, think pieces that can transition from indoors to out.  Think of natural textures that bring the outside in.  This is our time here at the glorious Jersey Shore.  A time that reminds us why we endure the cold winters.  A time for free-flowing spaces that give us a sense of peace and harmony.  So, when it doubt, follow the less is more concept and get comfortable at HOME, xoxo