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Trendy or On Trend?

Written by Kacey Roy


Posted on June 14 2023

I’m not one to be “trendy” however~ I do like to follow trends…. Does that make sense? To my Gemini brain it definitely does~ but I understand that not all minds work the same :)

Years ago I wrote an article for a small local magazine and referred to choosing your furniture like choosing your jeans. Sometimes you want a little more casual~sometimes a little more dressy~ but we always feel our best in our favorite pair~ am I right? This is how I equate knowing how to furnish and accessorize your home. Now, if you are not a denim person… this analogy may not apply… but it’s worth a try.

There a no rules for me when it comes to choosing what I put in my home. It’s a feeling. I’m a jeans and t shirt girl all the way, but I LOVE my jewels. Therefore, my furniture is classic, comfortable, neutral in colors (navy & black with a lot of natural wood tones…. i.e. the comfy jeans and tee) but my accents have pops of pinks, greens and blue in my artwork, accent pillows and even my linens…. i.e. the sparkle). I would say if I do anything trendy it’s something small that if I change my mind in years to come it’s ok… but I choose investment pieces that will always be on trend.

I always tell my clients, it’s your home and you have to feel good in it. Trying too hard to recreate someone else’s vision can sometimes feel overwhelming. Go with your gut. And keep it simple. Fall in love with one piece (a rug, a piece of artwork, a sofa, maybe a wall color or wall paper) and work around that one piece. When all else fails~ keep it clean and simple~ enjoy the process.  And as always~ I’m here to help with any and all of your Kate & Co questions. 

xoxo~ Kacey